Hello!  I’m Camille, in case you’re wondering whose blog you have stumbled upon.  I’m a very brief person, so here are some very brief things about me.

  • I’m a 20-something.
  • That means I sometimes have ice cream for dinner.
  • I read A LOT.
  • I read YA (fantasy & sci-fi, mostly), NA, and contemporary romance.
  • I write pretty much all of the above (check my blog posts for the genre of my current WIP).
  • I LOVE fairytales. Guess who’s a Beauty and the Beast superfan.
  • I am painfullyyyyyy shy.
  • I’m a Northern girl, but currently living in the South.
  • I like to drive fast and eat sweets.

Enjoy the blog!  Feel free to talk to me if you’d like.